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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Fashion-spired by Cupcakes!!

Hello people!!

Whatever I do, wherever I go (hmmm! sounds like a song!), I am thinking about what I can post next to my blog! I was looking at  recipes for cupcakes today and I was really taken by explosive colours and creative genius.

Some of the cupcakes really inspired me to put together some outfits!

fashion outfit, fashion ensemble

 ELLE orange and white tunic

GLOBAL DESI flared trousers in white

CHRISTIAN AUDIGIER silver and brown sling bag

Orange and silver pumps

fashion outfit, fashion ensemble

BOMBAY HIGH ruffled, sleeveless shirt

AMARI WEST blue trousers

BERRYPECKERS glitter box clutch

CARLTON LONDON silver pumps


fashion outfit, fashion ensemble

MISHKA aqua halter neck top

ELLE white shorts

THE GUD LOOK orange and aqua sling bag

SOLE FRY flats

VOYLLA alloy bangle

Hope you liked the ensembles!!! 

All these products are available on www.flipkart.com!

Monday, 26 May 2014

DIY: Create Perfect French Tips Using a Q-Tip!!!

Hey everyone!!!

If you love french tips on your nails, but are unable to create them yourself, you are reading the right article!

I always compared my work with the salon expert. I did not really think about the hours of practice she has had and the fancy tools (nail guides, special brushes etc.) that she is using! I tried to duplicate the effort at home with disastrous and funny results and ended up wasting a lot of paint and paint remover. I bought a pricey nail paint corrector pen but that dried up and didn't last very long. I have little patience and soon, stopped trying altogether.

The latest technique that I am using these days is using a Q-tip (an ear bud). Let me take you through the steps:

This is the first thing that you need. A clean nail. Remove all the nail paint using a good remover.

french manicure

To create the french tip, you need a remover, white nail paint and some Q-tips.

I did not use a base paint as I just want to concentrate on the french tip. Using a white nail paint, paint over the natural tip of your nail. Don't worry if it's messy! That is why we have the Q-tips.

Here is how your messy nail will look!!

Now, soak a Q-tip in some paint remover and run it at the inner edge of your white tip to create a curved smile line. All the extra paint comes off easily. Now, repeat the step on the outer edge.


french manicure with Q-tip

Now repeat the steps on all your nails and show them off!!


  • Ensure that you paint a thin layer of paint to create the tips.
  • Soak the Q-tip well in the remover for quick, effective paint correction.

Happy nail painting!!

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Review: The Body Shop Exfoliating Bath Gloves

If you have never used these, you have seriously missed out on something amazing!

So, I bought them a year ago and mine still work fab (I know gloves don't 'work' but you know what I mean!) Here is what I like about them.

                                                        Photo courtesy: www.thebodyshop.in

Lovely colours!

They are available in aqua, green, blue, pink, lilac, white and burnt orange. I had them in blue some time ago and now I have them in green. They do add this bright tinge of colour to the washroom. It's like 'I'm here! I'm here!'

No size issue!

These gloves are elasticated nylon and fit any hand size well.

Scrub away! 

I have not used a body scrub in year!  Scrubs contain small particles that rub against your skin to remove all the dust, blackheads and impurities. These bath gloves do just that! All you need is some soap. You don't even need liquid soap (though should use that if you've got it). Regular soap works just fine! You rub some on and then you rub your skin with these gloves! The effect is cumulative. The first time you use these, its great. Then, you see your skin becoming smoother and softer over a period of weeks.

Save on salon expenses!

I have friends who have stopped taking expensive body scrub treatments after they bought a pair. I recommend you use them thrice a week. I even use them to scrub my face once a week. They are available for Rs 395 or less! Believe me, they are worth the price.

And the most important thing - the brand speaks for itself!

SUMMER HAUL: Statement Neck Pieces

The summer is here and somehow, I want to wear loads of accessories with my cottons. I recently went on a hunt for neck pieces and found quite a number of inexpensive ones! LUCKY ME!!

Hope you like them...

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

DIY: Make Jewelry by Quilling

Hello people!

I recently discovered this amazing art of making paper jewelry (like a serious art, not a third grade project) called QUILLING where you use thin, coloured strips of  paper and roll it on a quilling pin (I used a pen).

You can make really beautiful patterns. Here's the best part- it costs peanuts!!

You can start with a simple pattern and later move on to a complex one. Here are some ideas.

Photos courtesy: www.pinterest.com

DIY: The 60-Second Scarf Bag!

Hello people!

I'm sure you have often had moments where none of your bags really go with your outfit.

Last week, I had to go out for a movie and I decided to make my own bag a minute before I was to leave. Of course, I could make do with what I had, but that's just not me! I used a scarf and tried to tie it up in weird ways.

Here is what happened.

I took out this really boring silk scarf that I had had in my cupboard for ages.

I folded the four corners to make them meet in the centre.

I knotted the four edges.

Lastly, I knotted the two pairs of adjacent sides. TA-DAH!!

I also tied one side that would rest in the front of my shoulder. I took a gold belt to accessorize the bag on another occasion!!

Here are two examples of hand purses that you can create.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

My 5 Summer Picks From Flipkart!!

A shift dress

Bring out the whites people!! I found this simple yet pretty shift dress perfect for day-time.

A cool pair of flats!

Add some fun to your wardrobe and let your toes breathe this summer. (Don't forget to apply sunscreen though!) I found these neon flats and it was love at first sight!

Protect your eyes!

I am all for going big with glam over-sized sunglasses. Take a look at this polaroid pair by Allen Solly!


You can give your wardrobe an Indian twist with these cool palazzo pants! Palazzos are comfortable and perrrrrfect for the scorching summer.

A scarf!

I have this great love for scarves and summer demands that I buy more of them in cotton. They help me coordinate my outfits and add a burst of colour. This mutil-coloured scarf has found a way into my wardrobe!


Hope you liked my picks!

Monday, 19 May 2014

Review: Maybelline Clear Glow All In One Compact

Phew! Its HOTTTT!

I was looking for an alternate to my daily foundation (If you dont want to look like a melting zombie, switch to a compact powder in the summer!!), when I came upon this great product by Maybelline! I got this from Myntra.com.

Here is what you should know!

maybelline clear glow compact review

maybelline clear glow compact review


Quite low-end. The design isn't great either and does nothing for the product inside. You probably wouldn't even notice it in a store! I lost mine within a week! 


Its plastic but workable. You should understand that Maybelline isn't trying to target those with heavy wallets and huge allowances. The product is meant to compete with the lowest of the low priced competitors.


The powder grains are quite small. They don't stick together (My Lakme compact gave me nightmares!!!). And the oh-so-smooth application experience is quite a plus!! It gives you a natural even tone ( not a powdered face).Don't forget to moisturize first though!


The first time I saw it, I was like 'This isn't going to last!' But good news- it does!!


I was surprised that my powder lasted at least 4-6 hours!! Even if it wears away a little, you don't look like a ghost!


The powder comes in 5 shades

  • Light
  • Nude Beige
  • Natural
  • Sand Beige 
  • Pressed Talc

Quite some options there! I have a medium skin tone and Natural works well for me!

The powder is enriched with vitamin C and SPF 26.


Rs 185 (YIPEEEEE!!!)


If you can overlook the non-glamourous packaging and need a product that really sticks (quite literally), go for it!!! A DOUBLE THUMBS-UP!!!!

I Finally Have My Own Blog!!!

Hello fashion lovers!

I woke up today to the ‘I am finally going to start my blog today’ idea!! I had been thinking of creating my own fashion blog for quite a while now. Today is the day!


Here is what I am going to be blogging about:

Fashion trends
DIY tutorials
Budgeted shopping (of course!)

And a lot more!!

Till my next post.