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Monday, 26 May 2014

DIY: Create Perfect French Tips Using a Q-Tip!!!

Hey everyone!!!

If you love french tips on your nails, but are unable to create them yourself, you are reading the right article!

I always compared my work with the salon expert. I did not really think about the hours of practice she has had and the fancy tools (nail guides, special brushes etc.) that she is using! I tried to duplicate the effort at home with disastrous and funny results and ended up wasting a lot of paint and paint remover. I bought a pricey nail paint corrector pen but that dried up and didn't last very long. I have little patience and soon, stopped trying altogether.

The latest technique that I am using these days is using a Q-tip (an ear bud). Let me take you through the steps:

This is the first thing that you need. A clean nail. Remove all the nail paint using a good remover.

french manicure

To create the french tip, you need a remover, white nail paint and some Q-tips.

I did not use a base paint as I just want to concentrate on the french tip. Using a white nail paint, paint over the natural tip of your nail. Don't worry if it's messy! That is why we have the Q-tips.

Here is how your messy nail will look!!

Now, soak a Q-tip in some paint remover and run it at the inner edge of your white tip to create a curved smile line. All the extra paint comes off easily. Now, repeat the step on the outer edge.


french manicure with Q-tip

Now repeat the steps on all your nails and show them off!!


  • Ensure that you paint a thin layer of paint to create the tips.
  • Soak the Q-tip well in the remover for quick, effective paint correction.

Happy nail painting!!

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