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Saturday, 24 May 2014

Review: The Body Shop Exfoliating Bath Gloves

If you have never used these, you have seriously missed out on something amazing!

So, I bought them a year ago and mine still work fab (I know gloves don't 'work' but you know what I mean!) Here is what I like about them.

                                                        Photo courtesy: www.thebodyshop.in

Lovely colours!

They are available in aqua, green, blue, pink, lilac, white and burnt orange. I had them in blue some time ago and now I have them in green. They do add this bright tinge of colour to the washroom. It's like 'I'm here! I'm here!'

No size issue!

These gloves are elasticated nylon and fit any hand size well.

Scrub away! 

I have not used a body scrub in year!  Scrubs contain small particles that rub against your skin to remove all the dust, blackheads and impurities. These bath gloves do just that! All you need is some soap. You don't even need liquid soap (though should use that if you've got it). Regular soap works just fine! You rub some on and then you rub your skin with these gloves! The effect is cumulative. The first time you use these, its great. Then, you see your skin becoming smoother and softer over a period of weeks.

Save on salon expenses!

I have friends who have stopped taking expensive body scrub treatments after they bought a pair. I recommend you use them thrice a week. I even use them to scrub my face once a week. They are available for Rs 395 or less! Believe me, they are worth the price.

And the most important thing - the brand speaks for itself!

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