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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

DIY: The 60-Second Scarf Bag!

Hello people!

I'm sure you have often had moments where none of your bags really go with your outfit.

Last week, I had to go out for a movie and I decided to make my own bag a minute before I was to leave. Of course, I could make do with what I had, but that's just not me! I used a scarf and tried to tie it up in weird ways.

Here is what happened.

I took out this really boring silk scarf that I had had in my cupboard for ages.

I folded the four corners to make them meet in the centre.

I knotted the four edges.

Lastly, I knotted the two pairs of adjacent sides. TA-DAH!!

I also tied one side that would rest in the front of my shoulder. I took a gold belt to accessorize the bag on another occasion!!

Here are two examples of hand purses that you can create.

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