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Sunday, 8 June 2014

DIY: How to Contour Your Nose Using Cheap Makeup Alternatives!!

Hello again people!!

Anyone who loves makeup knows how important contouring the face is! It is all about highlighting your best features and hiding your flaws by using makeup products to trick the eye and of course the camera!

I love contouring my face to make it appear slimmer! I really need to ;-) I lay special emphasis on my nose.


Makeup artists tell you to use a highlighter and a bronzer for this purpose. But these products can be quite expensive. For those of us who don't use makeup every single day, the products will be lying in our makeup boxes and expire much before they can be used up! So, I was thinking about inexpensive alternatives that would show great results!

I looked in my makeup bag. I found that I could use one from each of the two options below:

  • A foundation, concealer, BB cream, compressed powder, brown lipstick or brown eye shadow darker than your skin tone.
  • A foundation, concealer, BB cream, compressed powder, brown lipstick or brown eye shadow lighter than your skin tone.

Quick tip: Both your products should be either powder based or cream based.


To contour your nose, you need to do two things:

a) Highlight
b) Hide

Lighter tones seem to protrude and darker tones seem to recede.

Here is a picture of my non-contoured nose!

Now, look at the next pic. Take a product that is darker than your skin tone and mark the boundary of the bridge of your nose as you need to highlight it. Also spread some product right in between the nostrils and also at the corner of your eyes.

Now take the product that is lighter than your skin tone and fill the gap on the bridge. I prefer using my finger tips than a blending brush. Tap tap tap on your nose. Spread the product in the center of your eye brows and take it towards your hairline (follow the arrows).

Now blend, blend and blend. You don't want any marked boundaries showing (that make you look like a leopard, by the way!).

Here is how your nose will look once you are done. Big (but natural looking) difference, eh??

Try it out and let me know!!

Happy contouring!!


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