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Saturday, 7 June 2014

The Body Shop Born Lippy Lip Balm: Use it Differently!!

Hello people!!

Hmmm! So there have been millions of reviews where people have raved about this amazing product that does an amazing job on your lips. While The Body Shop offers a variety of lip balms and butters, I somehow have stuck to Born Lippy for quite some time now. I have tried other lip balms and have forced myself to rate them liberally but nothing trumps this one!

I am not going to be talking about the one obvious function of this lip balm, that is, to moisturize your lips and keep them supple (OOPS! I just did!). Since I have had multiple pots lying around the house, I tend to make use of them in different ways. Here is how I have used my raspberry Born Lippy!


Ok girls! So, they tell you to always moisturize your lips before applying makeup. And they are right! My Born Lippy does two things for me. It moisturizes my lips, so that my lip product spreads smoothly. Secondly, for those of you who are yet to try it out, this thing is a little sticky! So, it acts as a lip primer and holds your lipstick or gloss for quite a while!! Yipee!!


I don't really prefer using a scrub on my lips. But I do get a lot of dry skin.. I take half a teaspoon of the balm and mix it with an equal amount of sugar crystals. And you have it! A raspberry (or whatever flavour you choose) flavoured lip scrub! Rub gently for a minute and wash away.


As I said 'Sticky is good!' I have used this balm as an eye primer! Spread a very thin layer on your eye lids and then apply your favourite matte (I repeat 'matte') eye shadow over it.


Since the lip balm is tinted, I have also used it as a cream blush for a very natural color on my cheeks. I avoid using it in the summer heat, though!

Try it out!!


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