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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

DIY: Facepack for acne prone skin

Monday, 28 July 2014

TREND ALERT: 7 Must-Have Metallic Bags under Rs. 1700 ($28)!!!

Hello my lovelies!!!

I went around shopping last weekend and these amazing bags screamed 'BUY ME'!! I decided to get hold of one. I came home and checked out the options available online. Here are ten of my favourite picks!!

Click to buy from Myntra.com

Click to buy from Myntra.com

Click to buy from Myntra.com

Click to buy from Koovs.com

Click to buy from Myntra.com

Click to buy from Koovs.com

Click to buy from Koovs.com


Wednesday, 23 July 2014

REVIEW: Boots Cucumber 2 in 1 Cleanser & Toner and Boots Fragrance Free Cleansing Lotion

I am so in love with these two fabulous cleansers from Boots! You might wonder why I need two from the same brand. Read on!

Four years ago, someone gifted me the Boots Cucumber 2 in 1 Cleanser & Toner and the Boots Fragrance Free Cleansing Lotion. I haven't felt the need to try out other cleansers since.


While the first cleanser smells cucumber-y and fresh, the other cleanser is fragrance free, which is great for people like me who don't like fragrant beauty products.


 The cucumber cleanser is thin and very light. It removes impurities and dirt from the skin and the excess oil. But, it does not leave the skin dry. This product is great for the summer and monsoon.

The other cleanser is thick and creamy and is suitable for people in with dry skin. I usually use this one in the winter.


The cucumber cleanser easily removes makeup in a few swipes. The other cleanser works well, but I feel that you need to swipe a few more times.


The cleansers cost around Rs 300 each. The are a little expensive but worth the buy. 


Tuesday, 15 July 2014

5 Fabulous Makeup Gifts For Your Girlfriends!!

Do you often scratch your head when thinking about gifting ideas? Here is a list of five gifts that you can gift your girlfriends.

    Maybelline Color Show Glitter Mania Nail Paint in 8 Shades - Click to Buy!
Colorbar Get the Look Makeup Kit - Click to Buy!
Bare Essentials Makeup Brushes - Click to Buy!
Maybelline Dream Wedding Box- Coral - Click to Buy!

L'Oreal Paris Resplendent in Gold Box - Click to Buy!

MTV Muah Makeup Kit - Click to Buy!

Happy Gifting!!!

Saturday, 12 July 2014


Move over the LBD (Little Black Dress), the LWD is here!! Summer demands white and the LWD is a fantastic option for this season.

You can dress it up or play it down depending on where you want to wear it to. Here are some styling tips for the LWD (looks created at www.limeroad.com).

1. Go All White

White is easy on the eyes in the summer and you can never go wrong with it. Wear your LWD with white accessories and step out in style.

2. Go Neon

Wear neon accessories with your dress. The pop of colour displays your fabulous taste. Just ensure that you keep your accessories to a minimum.

3. Go Girly

Accessorize your LWD with girly accessories, such as floral belts, butterfly earrings etc. This style is perfect for a girls' day out.

 4. Go Monochrome

Black and white make a great style statement.You can also add a hint of gold or silver to your monochrome outfit.

5. Go Glimmer

White and gold are a classic combination that exudes sophistication. This look is perfect for brunch (with minimal gold accents) or a night out.


6. Go Formal

To add a more formal look to your LWD, add tan accessories and a chunky necklace. Throw on a pair of sober sandals and a jacket and you are ready for a formal meeting.

7. Go Nautical

Red, white and blue are a great combination. You need to have just the right hint of blue and red in your outfit so that your LWD still shines through.

Waiting for your comments!! Loads of love!!


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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

REVIEW: Maybelline Glitter Mania in 'Dazzling Diva'!

I recently tried the silver shade from the Maybelline Color Show Glitter Mania range of nail paints. And was I impressed! The nail paint was not just shiny silver, but had actual glitter particles.

Buy it here!

While the Maybelline Color Show nail paints are priced at Rs. 75, this range will cost you Rs. 125 for 6ml of product.


  • Pretty shade
  • Not too expensive
  • One coat does the trick (see the pic); two coats ensure opacity
  • Long lasting
  • Suitable for nail art


  • Does not provide a smooth texture
  • Removing it is a little tedious
This is one of the best textured nail paints in the market right now that doesn't burn a hole in your pocket! I am going to check out some of the other shades soon. Let me know your experience with the 'Dazzling Diva'. Comment below.

Love!!! :)


Tuesday, 8 July 2014

FASHION TIPS/ SHOPPING GUIDE: Nine Fashion Essentials That Will Get You Through The Monsoon!

Hello lovelies!!

The monsoon is here and so are the rains and humidity. We can't let our fashion spirit wane this sticky season!! Here are some tips that will help you be a vibrant monsoon diva!

1. 100% Cotton

Forget the polyesters and rayons, bring out the cottons. Cotton lets you breathe through the humidity. Unlike synthetic fabrics, you can air-dry cottons to remove sweat odour and wear them one more time.

Click to buy from Myntra,com
Click to buy from Myntra.com

2.Bright Hues and Whites!

Okay, you have heard about wearing vibrant colours in the monsoon, but whites also give a cooling effect!! There is no one rule that must follow!

Click to buy from Limeroad.com
Click to buy from Koovs.com

3.  Let Your Skin Breathe in Shorts, Capris, Skirts, Tank Tops, Crop Tops and Rompers!

Click to buy from Limeroad.com
Click to buy from Myntra,com

Click to buy from Myntra,com
Click to buy from Myntra,com

Click to buy from Myntra,com

Click to buy from Koovs.com

Click to buy from Koovs.com
Click to buy from Myntra,com

4.  No Layering!

Monsoon is all about being comfortable in less clothes. Avoid wearing jackets, shrugs etc in this season.

5.  Simple Cuts Do The Trick!

A-line short, flowy dresses and straight-line maxidresses are really in this monsoon.

Click to buy from Myntra,com
Click to buy from Myntra,com

Click to buy from Koovs.com
Click to buy from Limeroad.com

6. Neon Accessories!

Neons shout-out-loud and that's just perfect! You can carry off neon bracelets, necklaces, earrings with aplomb!

Click to buy from Jabong.com
Click to buy from Jabong.com

Click to buy from Myntra,com

7.  Waterproof Bags!

Put aside your leather bags and switch to fabric that is waterproof and not spoiled by moisture.

Click to buy from Limeroad.com

8.   Clogs/Crocs!

Clogs or Crocs help your feet breathe and don't retain water. They come in bright colours and can be really fun to wear.

Click to buy from Myntra,com

9.   A Trendy Umbrella!

Dump those boring umbrellas and get one that makes a style statement!

Stay Fashionable!!!

Loads of Love! :)

Monday, 7 July 2014


Helloo fellow (that rhymes!) fashion enthusiasts!!

Each year, we hold our breaths and wait to see our favourite designers and models on the ramp! Lovely clothes flowing gracefully, dancing to the music. And when the fashion weeks end, we are left wanting for more.

Well, here is good news and more good news!! Jabong recently launched the India Online Fashion Week (IOFW) and I jumped for joy!! Jabong, in association with Talenthouse India, is going to make history and we are going to be a part of it!
Image courtesy: www.jabong.com

A talent hunt is being organized across the nation for budding designers, makeup artists, hairstylists, models and photographers. This event will serve as a launchpad for those aspiring to make it big in the industry.The registration and voting is over now and the winners will be announced on 7th July.The winners will be groomed by a celebrity mentor.

Image courtesy: www.jabong.com

Us greedy shoppers can shop the collection (from 25th to 30th July) on Jabong.com while watching the fashion show!! Now, which online fashion store does that? (Rhetorical question!)

I am not going to miss this for the world and neither should you!! SPREAD THE WORD!!

Loads of love!! :)