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Saturday, 8 November 2014


This book is not about time management but about how individuals and cultures perceive and adapt to time. The difference between our internal biological clock and the external mechanical time greatly affects our lives. The post-industrial society is moving at a fast space where we are forced to multitask and race against time and to pack in a lot more in the day. This is against the natural rhythm and timing of our physical selves. Hoffman's narrative is very arresting. The book is not light reading but is totally unputdownable!

Thursday, 6 November 2014

DIY: The Not-So-Decorative-Yet-Functional Earring Box

Hello hello hello!!

I am keeping pretty busy these days and have little time to get ready in the morning. So, these past couple of days, I had been dressing up in a hurry. I realised that my frugal earring collection had been lying dumped in a small packet somewhere in my almirah. Who wanted to take it out every morning? So yesterday, right before bed time, I took out five minutes (not a minute more!) and  created a functional space to make my earrings easily accessible in the morning.

The box doesn't really look pretty, but it does the job. I used a very small cardboard box, a shoe lace and a couple of nails.

I am sure one of these days, I will find time to dress up this box, But, till then I am pretty happy with it.

Loads of love!!