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Thursday, 6 November 2014

DIY: The Not-So-Decorative-Yet-Functional Earring Box

Hello hello hello!!

I am keeping pretty busy these days and have little time to get ready in the morning. So, these past couple of days, I had been dressing up in a hurry. I realised that my frugal earring collection had been lying dumped in a small packet somewhere in my almirah. Who wanted to take it out every morning? So yesterday, right before bed time, I took out five minutes (not a minute more!) and  created a functional space to make my earrings easily accessible in the morning.

The box doesn't really look pretty, but it does the job. I used a very small cardboard box, a shoe lace and a couple of nails.

I am sure one of these days, I will find time to dress up this box, But, till then I am pretty happy with it.

Loads of love!!

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