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Published My First Romantic Novel!!

Hey guys,

I just wanted to let you know that I published my first romantic novel OF LOVE AND DISTANCE and would love to have your support!!


The book is a Young Adult or New Adult romance about a girl named Lisa who is unintentionally kidnapped along with movie star Robert Brown for ransom. They develop a beautiful relationship during the ordeal. There is a great uncertainity about whether Robert and Lisa will get together after the monstrosity as they belong to different parts of the world.


You can find the book HERE. Have a look at the first couple of chapters and let me know if you like it!


The reviews are pouring in!! Here are a few:

☆☆☆☆☆ A compelling story - By Heidi Skarie

I found Of Love and Distance to be a gripping tale that kept me turning the pages to find out what happens next. The story takes place in Delhi where Lisa is a writer who interviews celebrities. When someone at the company is going to interview a famous UK movie star, Robert Brown, she wants to come along. Tragically, Robert ends up being kidnapped and she is abducted along with him. Lisa and Robert give each other emotional support during their captivity, but afterwards they return to their homes despite unexpressed feelings between them. More than just distance stands between them—there’s a terrible secret that happened during their captivity that could eventually come out.

I found Lisa’s plight compelling. She was treated badly by her family and society after her abduction. I was routing for Lisa to find happiness, but she had so many obstacles to overcome, including her own insecurities, that I was kept guessing until the very end.

☆☆☆☆☆ Love that sprouts out of unforeseen circumstancesv - By Amadea Cahyo

This book is set in New Delhi, India. Which was very appealing to me. It allows me to venture into a virtual background through my imagination.

The two main characters Lisa and Robert are from different worlds brought together by an unfortunate incident. Surpassing the situation together, they begin to develop a chemistry between them which leads to love.

The story is a clean romance with believable conversations and an easy to relate to plot. I love it, it is definitely one of the romance stories in my personal Ace List.

☆☆☆☆☆ The plot is well built - By Joannes Rhino

Of Love and Distance is purely a romance story. As one of the genres that I like to read, this novel by Divya really interests me in a sense that the characters and conversations are realistic. I assume this based on the author personal journey or someone that she knows in real life. The plot is well built and the emotions of the main characters really shine to make the overall storyline beautiful. I highly recommend this reading before you sleep at night so you can have sweet dreams.

☆☆☆☆☆ Very talented author - By Deb B

I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review. This is a good, clean romance. It is wonderfully written and flows effortlessly. The characters are very well developed and the conversations are very true to life. I will definitely read more by this author. I highly recommend to those who love good, clean and wonderfully written romance.

☆☆☆☆ `Did I like Robert Brown? He was my first crush. At 21 my hormones were finally doing the job they were supposed to do.'- By Grady Harp

Author Divya Jyoti Randev, born in India, teaches journalism, manages a fashion blog, and writes - very much like the heroine of her debut novel. There is very little information about her on the Internet except for the photograph that accompanies her brief bio - evidence enough that this beauty is involved in fashion and understands the vagaries of love and adventure.

At time when new authors write stories from a different geographical vantage the idiosyncrasies of the language of the country in focus get in the way of smooth dialogue. Divya avoids this obstacle and though she maintains a fully Indian ambience she allows her story to remain closely secured to her characters - and that is one of the reasons the book works well.

OF LOVE AND DISTANCE is a romance touched by intrigue and a story that touches on some political and ethic differences without preaching. Briefly, the story is about an ordinary girl, Lisa, a journalist who interviews celebrities in Delhi. Life heightens or at least changes a bit when she learns a famous hunky movie star from the UK, Robert Brown, is in town to be interviewed and her long held crush on the man encourages her to be a part of the session. They meet, the attraction is magnetic and mutual, but Brown along with Lisa are kidnapped for odd reasons - Brown for ransom, Lisa by association. There is a great uncertainty about whether Robert and Lisa will get together after the terror of kidnapping, coming from different cultures and locations and Lisa's family affiliations cloud the future.

The story line is well constructed if somewhat vague on the periphery and Divya knows the language of love. The denouement is the strong section and the ending only whispers away. For a debut novel this is a fine beginning. Polish will likely come with the next book.

☆☆☆☆ You'll enjoy it!

I really liked this book! It got better and better as it went along, and I figured out why. The heroine developed a sense of humor, which was part of her protective covering after the 'incident'--and she became more believable and likeable---it was a fun book to read!

Loads of love!! :)

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